Corwin and Monique

October 1, 2021 ✶ Vienna, Virginia



Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Friday, October 1st ✶ 4:30 PM

The Atrium at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens
9750 Meadowlark Gardens Ct
Vienna, VA 22182
Formal attire encouraged

Postnuptial Luncheon

Saturday, October 2nd ✶ 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Lyon Park Community Center
414 N Fillmore St
Arlington, VA 22201
This event is casual. Wear what makes you comfortable.

COVID Reminders

  1. If you are not feeling well, have any symptoms, or receive a positive test, please do not attend. We will be sorry to miss you and hope you feel better soon!
  2. If you have not been able to get vaccinated yet, please get a PCR test within 72 hours of the wedding. We encourage you to get tested before and after the wedding even if you are vaccinated.
  3. Please wear a mask if it makes you more comfortable.
  4. The reception and the luncheon will be indoors, but there will also be ample outdoor space available. The ceremony will be outdoors.

Venue Parking

The Atrium at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

The parking lot on the right, in front of the Atrium, is dedicated to the wedding.

Lyon Park Community Center

All of the surrounding streets have free parking as the residential permit parking zones only apply on weekdays. Please park respectfully, not in front of driveways, as you will be in a neighborhood.


To get the group rate on these hotel blocks near the ceremony and reception, make sure to reserve before August 28th.

Hilton Embassy Suites at Tyson's Corner
Marriott Residence Inn Tysons

These hotels near the luncheon come recommended, but they don't have a group rate.

The Westin Arlington Gateway
Courthouse Hilton Garden Inn

Questions and Answers

Do I need to be vaccinated?
Yes. If there are medical reasons preventing you from doing so, please get a PCR test less than 72 hours before the wedding. See above for more details.
Why are you getting married?
Because we love each other.
What will you be serving at the reception?
We are combining our heritage: it will be vegetarian Lebanese food. The precise contents are a surprise!
What is a post-nuptial luncheon?
It's a time for us to chat with you after the wedding festivities are over. We'll have games and food so that we can hang out and relax.
Please drop by throughout the day for as short or as long as you like. There are no set events for the luncheon.
What can we get you as a wedding gift? Do you have a registry?
Your presence at the wedding is a gift in of itself. However, if you still feel inclined, we do have a honeymoon registry.
What if my question still isn't answered?
Send us an email at

Our Story

September, 2014
Monique and Corwin meet at the back-to-school bash
Corwin asks Monique to homecoming
Monique and Corwin run Lincoln at 5:30 AM every Wednesday with November Project
October, 2014
Corwin and Monique start dating
December, 2014
Mezher family vacation in West Virginia with Corwin
May, 2015
Corwin and Monique take prom photos at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens
September, 2015
Monique surprises Corwin at CMU. Long-distance begins
August, 2016
Corwin and Monique go to Massachusetts to meet Corwin's relatives
October, 2016
Monique learns to play guitar and writes Corwin a song
November, 2016
Corwin buys a car (and dad drives it cross-country) to visit Monique
Summer, 2017
Cross-country road trip
Monique and Corwin live together for the first time, in a loft in Palo Alto
The pitbull Blue routinely invades
The local farmer's market stocks giant almond pastries
A hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley and body surfing at Santa Cruz in a single day
Great Basin stargazing incident
October, 2017
Documentation conspicuously absent
Summer, 2018
Cross-country road trip
The Badlands Monsoon
They live in Berkeley together
Ikea veggie balls and Fuddruckers provide sustenance between Moviepass excursions
Yosemite trip cancelled because of fires
October, 2018
Four ears of corn and the Ethiopian takeout took 2 hours
Disney and Univeral in Florida with the Mezhers
June, 2019
de Boor family reunion in Germany with Monique
August, 2019
Monique and Corwin move into New York (permanently?)
March, 2020
Corwin and Monique flee the city into darkness
July, 2020
A bear derails plans on a woodland hike
Corwin proposes to Monique
January, 2021
Waikiki provides a respite
July, 2021
Monique and Corwin move back into New York
October, 2021
Corwin and Monique get married